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Australian Foundation, operating on an independent initiative, is committed to the advancement of science, research and education through various community level partnerships.

We believe that when small business and academic resources can come together for their mutual benefit, the full potential of each is more widely recognized and respected.
By helping to forge appropriate strategic partnerships between these types of entities, our organization strives to advance those pursuits which we were established to promote.

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Our mission is to serve as a portal through which educational institutions that are seeking grassroots fundraising opportunities can connect with small businesses interested in supporting such pursuits. Recognizing the increasing demand for this type of both fundraising and community support, we have created a method by which these types of entities can find one another and interact. We believe that the desire to help exists in our communities, and that by providing a means to become involved, Australian Foundation can serve our mission statement by making a difference. By making these connections straightforward, each party involved can integrate their efforts into their respective organizations objectives – this level of management is designed to increase the efficacy for everyone.

By allowing small businesses to promote and advance science, research and education, they are making an investment in the futures of the communities they serve. We believe that each of these disciplines holds the potential to change the world in a profound way – we simply wish to aid in the realization of these goals. We recognize a deep value to science and the research that supports it, as well as broader educational initiatives. We consider these disciplines to be some of the cornerstones of society and feel privileged to aid in their support.

Australian Foundation specializes in donations under $5000. While these are often classified as small to medium in size, we believe that any donation to a worthy pursuit, whether measured financially, in terms of time or otherwise, is properly classified as significant. As such, while we do not focus on high-dollar activities, we are dedicated to aiding small businesses in making significant donations to the education institutions they wish to support.

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